Personalised and Specialised

Checkmate Consulting And Services is a search and recruitment agency that offers personalised specialist attention and industry insights to meet recruitment objectives at various levels and across multiple industries.

The agency comes with eight years of recruitment experience and market insights, scoping clients’ recruitment needs and thorough understanding of position job descriptions, identifying suitable candidates, profiles and interviews. We work alongside clients to place the best and most suitable candidates.

How we do it

Active Listening

We work actively with the clients to first understand their business environment, market challenges, organisational structures and people dynamics.

Detailed Profiling

Then, we set out to search and identify suitable candidates, interview, profile and filter them before presenting to clients for interview and evaluation.

Prime Candidates

Finally, we work with clients to offer to the best suited candidate for the best recruitment outcome.


  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Corporate Communication
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Digital Marketing and Creative Solutions
  • Human Resources, Finance and Admin Positions

About Rosie Hong

Rosie Hong, the CEO of Checkmate Consulting And Services founded the company in April 2011.

Prior to setting up the consulting agency, she was in senior management positions for two decades with companies such as Foetus International Sdn Bhd, Rapp Collins Malaysia and OgilvyOne Malaysia.

Read more about Rosie Hong here.


“Rosie is a leader who knows how to inspire great work from her diverse team, making their varied backgrounds and skill sets dovetail and compliment each other and bring much more value to their clients’ brands.” – Jeremy Cheam, Media and Marketing Professional

“I had the good fortune of working for Rosie and found her to be a very knowledgeable professionals marketeer. She is down-to-earth and has an uncanny ability to build, motivate and lead high performance teams. My experience working in her team was one of the best I have had.” – JC Yip, SVP Commercial at Reeds Exhibitions Asia Pacific

“Working with Rosie Hong, and I emphasise “with” because she has the ability to bring you up to her level or come down to your level and make you a part of the A team, there are many managers but few leaders. Rosie is an amazing leader who inspires, empowers and releases. This gives managers like me the freedom to discover our utmost capabilities without the fear of making mistakes. But make no mistake, she’s very hands on and involved. This give reassurance to managers under her that they have reinforcement any given time.

Additionally, Rosie is one of the few people gifted with high IQ and EQ. Working with her gave me great insights into potent strategic plans and impart them to others by giving them ownership of it.  Rosie is one in a million. Truly rare indeed! ” – Joshua Lee, Ex-Chief Executive Consultant of Hashtagcity

“Based on my dealing with Ms Rosie, Checkmate Consulting, the services rendered is very professional and delightful. She has been actively supporting us in our quest to search for suitable talent. Her commitment towards fulfilling our requirements in searching for needed talent is exemplary and will definitely recommend her for any future talent search.” – Rachel Hong, Group Senior HR Manager for Shopper 360 Ltd.

“Regardless whether it’s a direct hire or a contract hire, I believe a solid relationship is key. The relationship we have is ideal. I like how you keep me in the loop throughout the entire process. You are always timely in your searches and you send me only the most qualified candidates. I totally trust you and your work ethics, which is why I have you as our sole recruitment partner.” – Maisie lau, Ex-HR Manager of JWT

“It still makes me smile to remember how, despite my having arrived at Rapp Collins to interview (successfully) for an account executive position, Rosie could tell within minutes that it was really the vacancy in creative that I was hoping for — even though I didn’t know about it yet! Rosie Hong has been an exceptional mentor and friend since 2004. The occasion above was just the first of many times that she has challenged and identified life and career opportunities for her staff, colleagues and friends through astute insights on their talents, skills, interests and motivations. Always hands-on and yet ready to encourage and empower new initiatives, Rosie’s also a great team builder — gifted with strong EQ and at cultivating camaraderie, whether among colleagues, friends, or between the agency and clients.” – Siaw Mei Li, Brand Specialist at Maxis

“I worked with Rosie when I was Marketing Director at Volvo Car Malaysia. Rosie was then running Rapp Collins, our CRM partner in Malaysia. Rosie showed good understanding of the Volvo car brand. She was able to grasp the strategic and tactical challenges Volvo car was facing very quickly and drove her team to develop creative solutions that were strategically spot-on. And executed them in a targeted, high quality approach. Rosie’s unique combination of agency and client experience allowed her to look at our challenges from 360 point of view and be very pragmatic in her approach to problem solving. This made her very refreshing to deal with.” – Pang Cheong Yan, Ex-Managing Director at Wearnes Automotive, Singapore

“Rosie and I worked together over a period of four years when we both held exec roles within the DDB/Rapp SE Asia team. Rosie was a fantastic colleague, teacher, partner and advisor. She taught me a great deal about how to get things done successfully in this part of the world and was a real inspiration, in terms of how she built and led a top-class agency team in Malaysia. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rosie to anyone who wants to partner with a smart and wholly professional marketing communications specialist.” – Richard Bleasdale, Marketing and Communications Leader and Innovator for Asia Pacific